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Image by Keith Johnston
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Live Sports Broadcasts

The Live Like Jack Foundation embarked on broadcasting live high school sports on September 1, 2023. The purpose behind these broadcasts is to spread the Live Like Jack Foundation's message to the masses in a more direct and efficient way: "To Encourage as Many People As Possible to Become Registered Organ Donors."

Throughout the broadcasts and during intermissions, viewers will see Jack Salas in various videos, enjoying his life to the fullest. Play-by-Play announcer Fred Salas, who is the president of the Live Like Jack Foundation, spent a decade calling games for FoxSportsWest and will be on the call for every game. Fred will also share valuable insights and the history of organ transplantation and encourage viewers to become organ donors if they haven't already become one.

The Live Like Jack Foundation is selecting football games that generate great public interest within our local communities based on the sports program’s success and the competitive nature or rivalry of the games being covered. Football and Volleyball are currently on the calendar. These games showcase the talents of young, gifted athletes performing to the best of their abilities and will be archived on the Live Like Jack YouTube Channel and the Live Like Jack Website for many years to come.

Our goal is to save lives through organ donation and in the process, help as many people as possible. We hope you will tune in to each and every game.

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