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The Truth & Misconceptions on Organ Transplantation with Fred Salas

There are several misconceptions about organ donation that can discourage people from registering as organ donors or can create misinformation about the process. Some of the most common misconceptions include...

Medical Tablet

Myth #1

Medical professionals will not try to save my life if I am an organ donor: This is false. The medical team's first priority is always to save the patient's life, and organ donation will only be considered after all efforts to save the patient's life have failed.

Elderly couple

Myth #2

I am too old to be an organ donor:  Age is not a determining factor for organ donation. As long as organs are healthy, people of any age can be donors.


Myth #3

I have a pre-existing medical condition, so I cannot be an organ donor: Some pre-existing medical conditions may disqualify a person from being an organ donor, but many others do not. Each case is evaluated individually and the medical team will determine the suitability of the organs for transplantation.

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Myth #4

My religion prohibits organ donation: Most major religions do not prohibit organ donation and actually consider it an act of charity.


Myth #5

Organ donation is a costly process for my family: Organ donation is a cost-free process for the donor's family. All costs associated with organ and tissue donation are covered by the organ procurement organization.  Which in our case is OneLegacy here in California.

Police Car

Myth #6

My organs will be sold on the black market: Organ trafficking is illegal and punishable by law, organs will only be allocated through a legal system and under strict regulations.

"It's important to have accurate information about organ donation and dispel these misconceptions to encourage more people to register as donors...which is the mission of the Live Like Jack Foundation."

- Fred Salas

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